Traditional Karate-Do Federation of Great Britain – Purpose of Activity

What we do?

We are aiming to build a strong diversified community which is based on BUDO principles.
TKFGB students come from many different countries including UK, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and many more. This is leveraging us to higher level by common sharing of unique skills, knowledge, experiences and more importantly world-wide cultures.

A strong foundation is further built via the application of BUDO principles, namely self-discipline and self-development through practising karate. The well-known quote says ’’Practice makes Perfect’’ which for TKFGB means that a long period of training will eventually result in strong skills and benefits such as self-esteem, sound health and good character.

With that in mind, TKFGB Karate-Do Federation was founded to bring these various ideas, the variety of cultures, and a range of karate experiences to one commonly shared platform.

Continuous growth is TKFGB’s primary goal.

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