TKFGB Summer Camp: 25-27.07.2015

25-27th July was the first time TKFGB introduced a new initiative of active summer idea. A karate training camp, which lasted for three days, gathered over forty participants, both juniors and seniors. They arrived from all over the country to take the opportunity and challenge of going through massive karate training and learning about healthy life style and proper nutrition.

Each day contained at least three training sessions:
– morning – 60-90 minutes of cardio and endurance
– midday – 150 min general karate and fitness session
– evening 120-150 min specialisation classes where juniors and seniors developed their most required skills in kata and kumite.

Being a hard task in terms of physical and mental engagement the camp was also designed to select the team to represent the UK in the forthcoming European championships in Vilnius, Lithuania in October this year.
It was also a great chance for all the parents and friends to learn about how to improve our health and wellbeing by, introducing proper diet and nutrition habits into our daily life.

As TKFGB strives to build a friendly environment for our growing community, it was inevitable to include a social event in the camp’s agenda. Sunday barbecue was a good moment to chill out after an exhausting day, exchange opinions and reflect on the training.


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Interclub Kumite Competition in Norwich – 05.07.2015

On 5th July 2015 an Interclub Kumite Competition was held in Norwich, Norfolk. The event gathered around 150 competitors in three categories: junior, cadet and senior.
The results were very pleasing for TKFGB. Our athletes won a total number of 12 medals including 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze.

Gold medals:

  • Richard Tayton – Seniors Male, individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • Anna Machtylska – Seniors Female, adult individual kumite, 3 kyu – dan
  • Filip Majchrzak – Juniors Male, individual kumite, 6-4 kyu
  • Kornelia Malczewska – Juniors Female, individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • Alex Podolsky – Cadets Male, individual kumite, 6-4 kyu
  • Kacper Leszczynski – Juniors Male, individual kumite, 10-7 kyu

Silver medals:

  • Klara Haluzova – Seniors Female, individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • David Swiech – Junior Male, individual kumite, 6-4 kyu
  • Tadeusz Lejman, Pawel Kutermankiewicz, Rafal Labuda – Seniors Maie, team kumite, all grades
  • Kornelia Malczewska, Joanna Minnis, Batchelor – Juniors Female, team kumite

Bronze medals:

  • Marek Wozniak – Seniors Male individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • Richard Tayton, Marek Wozniak, Maciej Kowalik – Seniors Team Kumite, all grades

The hall was loaded with emotions as for all of our juniors it was the first opportunity to check their strengths at real traditional karate kumite tournament. Supported by their parents, they all showed extremely high level of determination and their skills proved effective, judging by the number of wins.

In sum it was yet another good training on the way of preparation to the Autumn European Championships in Lithuania.

Now we are all looking forward to the summer karate camp planned for 25 – 27th July in Boston.


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Laxton Children’s Festival – 21.06.15

Having accepted an invitation from the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales, by recommendation from Polska Macierz Szkolna, TKFGB were honoured to be a part of an All-National Kids’ Day annual event in Laxton n/Corby, Northamptonshire.

The team presented Traditional Karate techniques, fitness and self-defence systems in front of an audience well exceeding 4,000 spectators.
In the breath taking scenery we were met by numerous VIPs, e.g. Polish Catholic Mission Representatives, Mr Witold Sobkow, the Polish Ambassador in the UK and Ms Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, the National Education Minister for the Republic of Poland. They showed great interest in the activities of the Federation and enquired about prospects for future expansion.

However, it was not them who benefitted the most from watching our demonstration. It was the kids and their families. After the show the willingly joined in the open training and sport-for-fun activities, so it was a great opportunity to have a lot of great time together.


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Seminar with Sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski 8 Dan – 12.04.2015

On 10-12 April 2015 Traditional Karate-Do Federation of Great Britain had the honour to host the President of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation, with headquarters in Geneva, sensei Włodzimierz Kwieciński 8th dan.

Once again, students of traditional karate in the UK had an opportunity to practise with such an outstanding master of karate, as is sensei Kwieciński. But this time it was a particularly special event, given the fact that for the first time it was organized by the newly formed traditional karate federation in the UK.
This year’s seminar, conducted by sensei Włodzimierz Kwieciński, was held in two places. Namely, the specialist training session on the first day, designed for brown and black belts only, was held in Norwich (University of East Anglia) and was addressed to members of the Traditional Karate-Do Federation of Great Britain, as well as members our friendly organization – Eastern Shotokan Karate Association (ESKA).

During next two days the seminar took place in Boston, where there was a general training session, open to all levels, and specialized kumite and kata sessions – masterclasses, designed for the most advanced students of this martial art.

The last point of sensei’s stay was to exam dan master degrees, which resulted in 1 dan master degrees having been awarded to:
Andrei Skarzynskij – Traditional Karate Academy Boston
Jaroslaw Zięciak – Traditional Karate Club ‘Okami’ Bournemouth
Igor Zeler – Traditional Karate Academy Peterborough

During his visit to Boston sensei W. Kwieciński together with TKFGB Board of Directors, met with representatives of the town’s highest authorities, including the former Mayor and current UK Parliament candidate, Mr. Paul Kenny, his wife and other members of the city council of Boston.
This year’s master seminar attracted great interest also among the Polish community media. On Friday, April 10th sensei Włodzimierz Kwieciński and the President of TKFGB Zbigniew Godzisz, were the guests of the ‘Special Mission’ broadcast at Polish Radio London, which was devoted entirely to the subject of traditional karate.

We are very proud that sensei Włodzimierz Kwiecinski, despite his very tight schedules, made time for us, and that we could learn from this outstanding personality. The seminar, attended by nearly 150 people, is the indicator for us and a great motivation for further work. I am sure that it will also contribute to the further dynamic development of our new federation, which already brings together 10 clubs and hundreds of people exercising in them

– summed up the President of Traditional Karate-Do Federation of Great Britain, sensei Zbigniew Godzisz 3rd Dan.

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