European Championships & European Children’s Cup Moscow 2019
The winning TKFGB team on the European Championships & European Children’s Cup in Moscow.

Well done Seniors!
Łukasz Radwanski, Filip Dębowski, Jakub Parchanowich, Pawel Kutermankiewicz – gold medal in Senior Team Kumite
Filip Debowski – European Champion in Individual Kumite
Anna Machtylska – 3rd place Individual Kumite
Well done!!!

Well done TKFGB karate kids!
9 medals at the 6th European Children’s Cup in Moscow:
Adriana Peiseniece (TKAB) – Gold in Individual Kumite and Silver in Individual Kata
Eden Parker (TKAB) – Gold in Individual Kumite
Ernest Skarzinskij (TKAB) – Gold in Individual Kumite
Kamila Rogelevic (TKAB) – Silver in Individual Kata and Silver in Individual Kumite
Julia Galazewska (Okami – Bournemouth) – Silver in Individual Kumite
Milana Rubina (TKAB) – Bronze in Individual Kumite
Saimonas Stanaitis (TKAB) – Bronze in Individual Kumite
Adriana Peiseniece & Patryk Godzisz (TKAB) – 4th place En-bu

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5th Traditional Karate Santa Claus Cup
The Mayor of Boston Councillor JUDITH SKINNER

The fifth edition of the annual Traditional Karate Santa Claus Cup took place at the Traditional Karate Academy Boston (TKAB), with over 100 enthusiastic, junior participants competing in individual and team events. The Mayor of Boston Councillor JUDITH SKINNER presented medals to the winners and complemented TKAB, led by its Chief Instructor, sensei Zbigniew Godzisz 4 Dan and Kristine Rubina 3 Dan, for its spirit of inclusiveness and dedication to “better physical and emotional development” of all the youth. Mayor Skinner lauded the positive energy and attitudes evident at the event and voiced his support for the expansion of such valuable initiatives.

The event started with a special training session led by the World Champion, sensei Lukasz Radwanski 4 Dan and sensei Andrzej Czyrka 4 Dan, followed by the tournament which began immediately afterward. All the young participants, aged 14 years of age and below, took to the mats to show their prowess in kumite, kata, and en-bu – all amidst the cheers of encouragement from the spectators. The culmination of the day of outstanding sportsmanship and all-out fun was the presentation of special TKFGB recognition awards to:

Alina Rubina – 2018 Junior Girl Competitor of the Year
Timofej Kabak – 2018 Junior Boy Competitor of the Year
Kamile Rogelevic – 2018 Cadet Competitor of the Year
Filip Dębowski – 2018 Senior Competitor of the Year
Jakub Parchanowicz, Christopher Brazier, Tomasz Niściur, Kamile Zubovaite, Kirill Snikeris, Eden Parker, Adriana Peiseniece, and Ernest Skarzinskij – 2018 Distinction of Competitive Achievement

All the young competitors were then treated to a visit from Santa, giving away the galore of gifts straight from his bountiful bag. A family disco party and snacks selection was the only adequate finish to the adventurous day.

This year’s St Claus Cup partners were: Info Service A. Z. Godzisz, Bastylia Group Ltd Ltd, Swojskie Jadło – Family Food, MK Bakery.

Thank you Agnieszka Godzisz, Aleksandra Lasek, Weronika Sokołowska, Karol Sokołowski for your help and support.

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World Traditional Karate-do Championships and Traditional Karate-do World Children’s Cup, 23-28 October 2018, St. John’s, Canada

The greatest success in the history of their training was achieved by TKFGB athletes taking top places, including gold medals, during this year’s World Championship and World Children’s Cup in Traditional Karate, which took place on 23-28 October 2018, in St. John’s, Canada.

The World Vice-Championship in seniors’ individual kumite was won by Filip Dębowski, who also, together with Jakub Parchanowicz, Tomasz Niściur and Chris Brazier, reached for the bronze medal in the team kumite. After a very balanced duel our kumite team had to acknowledge the supremacy of the highly-disposed Brazil team, former multiple World Champions.

Paweł Kutermankiewicz, Jakub Parchanowicz and Filip Dębowski secured a very good, fourth place in the team kata competition. At the same time our junior competitors also presented their outstanding form during the Children’s World Cup. Here are the complete results:

Kamile Rogelevic (14) – gold in individual kata
Timofej Kabak (12) – gold in individual kata
Timofej Kabak i Ernest Skarzinskij – gold in en-bu
Kamile Zubovaite (11) – silver in individual kata
Alina Rubina i Ernest Skarzinskij – silver in mixed en-bu
Ernest Skarzinskij (12) – silver in individual kata
Alina Rubina, Eden Parker, Kamile Zubovaite – silver in team kata
Eden Parker (12) – bronze in individual kata
Kirils Snikeris (11) – bronze in individual kata
Alina Rubina (11) – bronze in individual kata
Kamile Zubovaite & Timofej Kabak – bronze in mixed en-bu

13 medals: 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze is the ultimate proof that our training is not only a great way to spend free time healthily, but also ambitiously reaches the highest standards in this ancient art of fight and self-defense” – summarizes the performance of team the President of TKFGB, sensei Zbigniew Godzisz, 4 Dan.
Our success is the result of perfect cooperation of a well-coordinated team of people. First of all, our National Squad instructors: Łukasz Radwański – 4 Dan, Zbigniew Godzisz 4 Dan and Andrzej Czyrka – 4 Dan, as well as the entire Federation board and club instructors” – adds Paweł Kutermankiewicz 2 Dan – TKFGB Vice President.

Founded in 2014 by a group of Polish instructors, the TKFGB, currently affiliated to the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), consistently implements its educational and training plans based on methodological practice as well as exchange and engaging the best instructors in the world. Properly used experience, as well as heavy, all-year-round work, have brought effects that others could only dream about.

This year’s success, however great, cannot overshadow the other aspects of the event. First of all, it was a great adventure – a long journey to the most historic places in North America (St. John’s, Niagara Falls). Both children and adults have spent this week in the unique circumstances of exotic and historical North America, and the local culture, hospitality and kindness and the love of good fun will be well remembered by all participants of this historic expedition.

More photos:

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BUDO Karate Camp, 12-13 April 2018, Brno, Czech Republic


The 2nd Budo Karate Camp led by Sensei Avi Rokah, long standing student of the Nishiyama Sensei, took place on 12-13 of April 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic. It’s been well attended by instructors from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, France, Austria, Great Britain, USA, Israel, Romania and Czech Republic. Our Federation was represented by Sensei Andrzej Czyrka and Sensei Mario Kalli. It’s been over 20 hours of intense training focused on the principles and applications of the Nishiyama Sensei karate.

Glimpse of the training in the short video below:

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