TKFGB National Squad training in Cheltenham, Oxfordshire, 25th of March, 2018.

The third TKFGB National Squad training took place last Sunday (25th of March) in Cheltenham, Oxfordshire.

Subjects covered included building up proper body composition and strengthening core muscles.

On the technical side, kata adjustments with emphasis on Kitei for Fuku-go (body dynamics and the completion of particular technics).

Cumulating and releasing energy for a powerful technic was the beginning of kumite training followed by Go no sen and Sen no sen (different types of reaction timing). We used Sasoi waza (invitation technic) for attack; worked with distance to mislead the opponent and gain a good position for counter strike; all leading to better understanding of conditions to score wazari in traditional karate competitions.

The event was concluded with a happy birthday wishes to Sensei Paweł Kutermankiewicz who celebrated his 50th birthday – many happy returns Paweł!

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4th Traditional Karate Santa Claus Cup -summary.

The fourth edition of the annual Traditional Karate Santa Claus Cup took place at the Traditional Karate Academy Boston (TKAB), with over 100 enthusiastic, junior participants competing in individual and team events.

The Mayor of Boston, Mr Bernard Rush, presented medals to the winners and complemented TKAB, led by its Chief Instructor, sensei Zbigniew Godzisz 4 Dan, for its spirit of inclusiveness and dedication to “better physical and emotional development” of all the youth. Mayor Rush lauded the positive energy and attitudes evident at the event and voiced his support for expansion of such valuable initiatives.

The event started with a special training session led by the World Champion, sensei Lukasz Radwanski 4 Dan, followed by the tournament which began immediately afterwards. All the young participants, aged 13 years of age and below, took to the mats to show their prowess in kumite and kata – all amidst the cheers of encouragement from the spectators.

The culmination of the day of outstanding sportsmanship and all-out fun was the presentation of special recognition awards to Adriana Peiseniece (‘2017 Junior Competitor of the Year’), Kristine Rubina (‘2017 Competitor of the Year’) and Filip Debowski, Jakub Parchanowicz, Alina Rubina, Timofej Kabak and Kirils Snikeris (‘2017 Distinction of Competitive Achievement’). All the young competitors were then treated to a visit from Santa, giving away the galore of gifts straight from his bountiful bag. A family disco party and snacks selection was the only adequate finish to the adventurous day.

The event organizers also led a fundraiser for a 9-year Dawid Wisniewski’s strife against a serious disease – they managed to collect over £220.

This year’s St Claus Cup partners were: ‘Info Service’, ‘Bastylia Mortgages’, ‘Swojskie Jadlo – Family Food’and ‘Varsovia’.

Full competition results below:

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4thTraditional Karate Santa Claus Cup, Saturday 9th December 2017

10:00 am – TKFGB Senior National Squad training conducted by World Champion Sensei Łukasz Radwański – 4 Dan
11:45 am – junior training session conducted by World Champion Sensei Łukasz Radwański – 4 Dan
12:30 pm – 4thTraditional Karate Santa Claus Cup
4:30 – 6:30 pm – PARTY and refreshments for juniors
5:00 pm – TKFGB General Assembly

Haven High Academy Marian Road, Boston PE21 9HB

£15 – senior training + refreshments during General Assembly
₤20 – junior pack 1 (training + gift from Santa Claus + disco+ refreshments)
£25 – junior pack 2 (training + gift from Santa Claus + disco + refreshments + competition fee)

All the participants must have registered by 30th November 2017 with your club instructors.

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4th Traditional Karate Boston Cup

TKFGB has just presented the fourth edition of the most significant national event in its calendar. This year’s 4th Traditional Karate Boston Cup attracted nearly 70 participants (also from outside the Federation) who did their best to prove they deserved the trophy. The disciplines included individual Kata and Kumite. The total of 12 Golden Cups were handed in in the Junior, Cadet and Senior age group.

The event began with four-and a half hours National Squad training session on the day preceding the Cup. The session led by sensei Lukas Radwanski, 4th Dan triple World Champion, was designed to emerge the final team of athletes in the National Squad to participate in the oncoming European Junior Cup (21.10.2017, Poland) and European Championships (4-5.11.2017, Romania).

The highlights were on the winners however, a special recognition goes to a representative of ESKA, Max Clay, who took a challenge and competed in kumite with seniors, even if he was still a cadet. His head turning performance earned him the third place and he was rewarded with massive applause from the audience.

Great performance during the competition was a strong indicator to secure the place in the National Squad Team selected for this year’s European Championships in Romania in November. Members selected were Tomasz Niscior, Kristine Rubina, Pawel Kutermankiewicz, Jakub Parchanowicz and Andrei Skarzinskij as well as Tadeusz Lejman, Christopher Brazier, Filip Debowski and Mario Kalli.

The complete result table is as follows:

1. place: Swiech Nikodem (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Zubovaite Kamile (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Leathersich Udon (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Lambert Molly (kata individual cadets )
1. place: Kurek Marcin (kumite individual seniors )
1. place: Debowski Filip (kumite individual seniors )
1. place: Kot Zbigniew (kata individual seniors )
1. place: Rubina Alina (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Kabak Timofej (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Rogelevic Kamelija (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Lejman Tadeusz (kata individual seniors )
1. place: Crane Joanna (kumite individual cadets F )
2. place: Lambert Molly (kumite individual cadets F )
2. place: Skarzinskij Andrej (kata individual seniors )
2. place: Peiseniece Adriana (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Swiech David (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Snikeris Kiril (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Zimoch Jakub (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Agaronjana Armina (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Burgon Iain (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Nisciur Tomasz (kumite individual seniors )
2. place: Biss Andrew (kumite individual seniors )
2. place: Crane Joanna (kata individual cadets )
2. place: Leszczynska Anna (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Pasicnic Lukas (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Balcerak Nathan (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Wojcik Monika (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Apilado Angelo ‘Robbie’ (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Markelova Ksenija (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Clay Max (kata individual cadets )
3. place: Clay Max (kumite individual seniors )
3. place: Parchanowicz Jakub (kumite individual seniors )
3. place: Malczewska Kornelia (kumite individual cadets )
3. place: Fyfe Ellie Rose (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Skarzinskij Ernest (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Kojro Patryk (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Wielgosz Kacper (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Leszczynski Kacper (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Everett Metthew (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Malczewska Kornelia (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Stokes Khim (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Parker Eden (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Parchanowicz Jakub (kata individual seniors )
3. place: Kutermankiewicz Pawel (kata individual seniors
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