10-12th April 2015: Seminar with sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski – 7 Dan

A special seminar with sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski, 7th dan, the President of World Traditional Karate-Do Federation, will be held in Boston and Norwich during the weekend of 10 – 12th April 2015.
Master Kwiecinski is arriving to The UK straight from his journey to Japan.

The seminar agenda includes the following:

  • Gneral all-grade training
  • Specialist Master training
  • Master grading

The seminar is an open event and all the athletes who want to take part are invited to do so. The times and venues are contained in the attachment.





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First TKFGB National Squad training – 14.3.2015

First National Squad TKFGB training was held in Boston on 14th March.
The event was split into two parts: general training and specialised sessions for the Seniors (methodology for kumite preparation and kumite basics) and the Juniors (foot work and dynamics in kata training).

The instructors in charge were Lukasz Radwanski 3rd Dan and Zbigniew Godzisz 3rd Dan.
The next National Squad training is planned for 12th Apr 2015, along with the special seminar training with sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski, 7th dan, President of WTKF (World Traditional Karate-Do Federation)

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Legend Shotokan Karate Championships 2015 – 07.03.2015

On 7th March, TKFGB representatives competed in Legend Shotokan Karate Championships in Bracknell, near London. The event, which was an open style formula, gathered over 300 competitors, both junior and senior, from all over the UK. It was a very busy competition and most of the athletes showed high level of performance.

Our team succeeded in attempt to get to the podium: Mario Kalli secured the gold in individual kata, Lukasz Radwanski, 3rd dan, Andrzej Czyrka, 3rd dan and Mario Kalli, 3rd dan managed to win the bronze in team kumite whereas  Andrzej Czyrka and Mario Kalli reached for the bronze in individual kumite.

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