4th Traditional Karate Boston Cup

TKFGB has just presented the fourth edition of the most significant national event in its calendar. This year’s 4th Traditional Karate Boston Cup attracted nearly 70 participants (also from outside the Federation) who did their best to prove they deserved the trophy. The disciplines included individual Kata and Kumite. The total of 12 Golden Cups were handed in in the Junior, Cadet and Senior age group.

The event began with four-and a half hours National Squad training session on the day preceding the Cup. The session led by sensei Lukas Radwanski, 4th Dan triple World Champion, was designed to emerge the final team of athletes in the National Squad to participate in the oncoming European Junior Cup (21.10.2017, Poland) and European Championships (4-5.11.2017, Romania).

The highlights were on the winners however, a special recognition goes to a representative of ESKA, Max Clay, who took a challenge and competed in kumite with seniors, even if he was still a cadet. His head turning performance earned him the third place and he was rewarded with massive applause from the audience.

Great performance during the competition was a strong indicator to secure the place in the National Squad Team selected for this year’s European Championships in Romania in November. Members selected were Tomasz Niscior, Kristine Rubina, Pawel Kutermankiewicz, Jakub Parchanowicz and Andrei Skarzinskij as well as Tadeusz Lejman, Christopher Brazier, Filip Debowski and Mario Kalli.

The complete result table is as follows:

1. place: Swiech Nikodem (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Zubovaite Kamile (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Leathersich Udon (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Lambert Molly (kata individual cadets )
1. place: Kurek Marcin (kumite individual seniors )
1. place: Debowski Filip (kumite individual seniors )
1. place: Kot Zbigniew (kata individual seniors )
1. place: Rubina Alina (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Kabak Timofej (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Rogelevic Kamelija (kata individual juniors )
1. place: Lejman Tadeusz (kata individual seniors )
1. place: Crane Joanna (kumite individual cadets F )
2. place: Lambert Molly (kumite individual cadets F )
2. place: Skarzinskij Andrej (kata individual seniors )
2. place: Peiseniece Adriana (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Swiech David (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Snikeris Kiril (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Zimoch Jakub (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Agaronjana Armina (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Burgon Iain (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Nisciur Tomasz (kumite individual seniors )
2. place: Biss Andrew (kumite individual seniors )
2. place: Crane Joanna (kata individual cadets )
2. place: Leszczynska Anna (kata individual juniors )
2. place: Pasicnic Lukas (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Balcerak Nathan (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Wojcik Monika (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Apilado Angelo ‘Robbie’ (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Markelova Ksenija (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Clay Max (kata individual cadets )
3. place: Clay Max (kumite individual seniors )
3. place: Parchanowicz Jakub (kumite individual seniors )
3. place: Malczewska Kornelia (kumite individual cadets )
3. place: Fyfe Ellie Rose (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Skarzinskij Ernest (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Kojro Patryk (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Wielgosz Kacper (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Leszczynski Kacper (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Everett Metthew (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Malczewska Kornelia (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Stokes Khim (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Parker Eden (kata individual juniors )
3. place: Parchanowicz Jakub (kata individual seniors )
3. place: Kutermankiewicz Pawel (kata individual seniors
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TKFGB Summer Camp in Dojo Stara Wies, 3-7 August 2017
TKFGB Summer Camp, Dojo Stara Wies, Morning Warm-Up

In early August (3-7th) 2017, TKFGB held its first international Summer Camp. The four busy days were filled with training, relaxation and family fun!

Our group of 30 participants, both juniors and seniors, trained 4-6 hours a day to improve their skills and put into practice the knowledge passed on by the Head Coach, Sensei Lukasz Radwanski, 4th Dan. The focus was on kumite and increasing motor skills and movement efficiency.

The three main training sessions were supplemented with:

– 07.00 – usually a 4 mile cross country run or interval training at the football pitch
– 10.30 – main dojo, stretching and kihon plus more fitness and games
– 15.30 – main dojo, kumite and kitei/kata practise
– 19.00 – sport and games outside
– 20.30 – individual training time

The Camp was also a great opportunity for the families to spend time together playing games, cycling, swimming or just taking a walk in the surrounding forests. But don’t worry if you missed it this time.

TKFGB Summer Camp, Dojo Stara Wies, Family time and relax

We are already planning for the next year and looking forward to it. For more information or to book a place email office@tkfgb.co.uk.

(More photos on our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/tkfgb.co.uk)

Glimpse of our training in the video, below:

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TKFGB National Squad training, Peterborough, 10.06.2017
TKFGB National Squad training, Peterborough, 10.06.2017

The last TKFGB National Squad training at Gladstone Park Dojo was a tough experience: 5,5 hours of pure training and testing. Both juniors and seniors were working hard to prove worthy of being selected for the European Championships and Children’s Cup this year (22-23rd Oct – European Children’s Cup, Poland; 4-6th Nov – European Championships for seniors, Romania).
This time we covered interval and endurance training, staged kumite (timing, distance in fighting and foot work) and the best kata selection for the competition.
We also ran a short self-defence session, working on applying locks in close distance combat, led by Tomasz Nisciur.
Our next National Squad training will be held on 16th July at Gladstone Park Dojo, Peterborough.

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TKFGB Summer Karate Camp, 3-7 August, 2017 (updated)

TKFGB would like to introduce:
Summer Training Camp
Thursday, 3rd August – Monday, 7th August 2017
Dojo Stara Wies, Poland

The Camp is open to all TKFGB members regardless of grade and age. Karate participants can be accompanied by family members and/or friends (booking form).

The Camp will be situated onsite at Dojo Stara Wies (please see www.dojostarawies.com for full details). The offer costs £45.00 per person (every third family member will be discounted to pay the fee of £25 only) per day based on four nights stay, and is all inclusive (accommodation, breakfast, lunch and evening meal, tea, coffee and soft drinks). There will be no additional cost for the training sessions. Please note this is an introductory price as it’s our first ever event of this type and we have been offered a highly discounted rate.

Travel Arrangements
If you wish to attend the Camp, you will need to make your own travel arrangements* to Stara Wies. We will try where possible to arrange transport from the airport to the Dojo and would ask if you would provide us with your flight details for us to facilitate this. The airports closest to the Dojo Stara Wies are Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport, Katowice International Airport, Krakow Balice International Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport.

* THERE IS A COACH HIRE OPTION (cheapest possible), should the sufficient number of people sign up for it. On the application form please state clearly BUS, if you’re interested.

All bookings must be confirmed and secured with a 50% deposit of £90.00 per person asap. Please note that there are limited places at the Dojo Stara Wies and places will be confirmed on a first come first served basis. The deposit will be non-refundable. The deposit must be paid by BACS, in cash or cheque, made payable to the “TKFGB”. Please complete the attached booking form and return to your club instructor or email to office@tkfgb.co.uk

Schedule of Events
(subject to change)

 • 3 meals per day
• Minimum 3 karate training sessions per day
• Extra kyu grading
• Cycling tours
• Sauna & Jacuzzi*
• Bonfire Party night
• Good fun and integration
*Please note that there is a Sauna and Jacuzzi available at the Dojo Stara Wies that is available for use at no extra cost.

Click here for booking form!

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