II Traditional Karate Santa Claus Cup – Boston 2015


II Traditional Karate Santa Claus Cup has now passed to history. This year’s edition was abundant in emotions both related to the tournament itself as well as the visiting guests: the Mayor of Boston, Mr Richard Austin (accompanied by his wife, former Mayor of Boston, Mrs Alison Austin), and most expected Mr Santa Claus with his magic sack-full of Xmas presents. Our junior athletes then tried their strengths at the disco and a buffet-load of snacks and beverages.


The Annual event, aimed at the youngest practitioners of Traditional Karate, gathered the excess of 90 participants both in the morning training sessions and the competition itself. Nearly 100% increase in numbers (as compared to the previous year), only confirms that the idea has been well conceived and targeted, and so, is supposed to attract even more attention in the future. It is worth noticing that the overall level of presentation was well above last year’s. Most of the young athletes proved to have made great progress and most of the last year’s favourites were heavily challenged.


There also took place the second General Assembly of TKFGB. Among others, suggestions were made as for new events for the upcoming year 2016. The event calendar to be presented by the end of current year.


The results are as follows:


Individual Kata up to 7 kyu – 2007 & younger:

1) Dawid Wisniewski – TKC Okami Bournemouth

2) Miron Wozniak – TKC Okami Bournemouth

3) Zosia Labuda – TKA Boston

3) Konstancja Dzierzanowska – TKC Okami Bournemouth


Individual Kata up to 7 kyu – 2006 & older:

1) Jason Lopez – TKA Loughborough

2) Victoria Kalli – TKC Nyuanshin London

3) Julia Grudkowska – TKA Boston

3) Max Brusniak – TKC Nyuanshin London


Individual Kata 6 kyu+  – 2006 & younger:

1) Patryk Kojro – TKC Okami Bournemouth

2) Adriana Peiseniece – TKA Boston

3) Patryk Godzisz – TKA Boston

3) Alina Rubina – TKA Boston


Individual Kata 6 kyu+  – 2005 & older:

1) Matviejs Pekuskins – TKA Boston

2) Filip Maichrzak – TKA Boston

3) Kornelia Malczewska – TKA Boston

3) Kacper Wielgosz – TKA Spalding


Individual Kumite 6 kyu+ up to 150cm:

1) Patryk Kojro – TKC Okami Bournemouth

2) Adriana Peiseniece – TKA Boston

3) Patryk Godzisz – TKA Boston

3) Matthew Everett – TKC Okami Bournemouth


Individual Kumite 6 kyu+ above 150cm:

1) Kornelia Malczewska – TKA Boston

2) Alex Podolskiy – WTKA

3) Filip Majchrzak – TKA Boston

3) David Swiech – TKA Boston


Team Kata:

  1. Okami 3 – TKC Okami Bournemouth

Matthew Everett, Jakub Kowalski, Kacper Leszczynski

2.  TKAS – TKA Spalding

Kacper Wielgosz, Timofiej Kabak, Emils Zarins

3. TKAB 2 – TKA Boston

     Adriana Peiseniece, Matviejs Pekuskins, Patryk Godzisz

3. TKAB 1 – TKA Boston

    Kornelia Malczewska, Filip Majchrzak, David Swiech


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