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The third TKFGB National Squad training took place last Sunday (25th of March) in Cheltenham, Oxfordshire.

Subjects covered included building up proper body composition and strengthening core muscles.

On the technical side, kata adjustments with emphasis on Kitei for Fuku-go (body dynamics and the completion of particular technics).

Cumulating and releasing energy for a powerful technic was the beginning of kumite training followed by Go no sen and Sen no sen (different types of reaction timing). We used Sasoi waza (invitation technic) for attack; worked with distance to mislead the opponent and gain a good position for counter strike; all leading to better understanding of conditions to score wazari in traditional karate competitions.

The event was concluded with a happy birthday wishes to Sensei Paweł Kutermankiewicz who celebrated his 50th birthday – many happy returns Paweł!