25-27th July was the first time TKFGB introduced a new initiative of active summer idea. A karate training camp, which lasted for three days, gathered over forty participants, both juniors and seniors. They arrived from all over the country to take the opportunity and challenge of going through massive karate training and learning about healthy life style and proper nutrition.

Each day contained at least three training sessions:
– morning – 60-90 minutes of cardio and endurance
– midday – 150 min general karate and fitness session
– evening 120-150 min specialisation classes where juniors and seniors developed their most required skills in kata and kumite.

Being a hard task in terms of physical and mental engagement the camp was also designed to select the team to represent the UK in the forthcoming European championships in Vilnius, Lithuania in October this year.
It was also a great chance for all the parents and friends to learn about how to improve our health and wellbeing by, introducing proper diet and nutrition habits into our daily life.

As TKFGB strives to build a friendly environment for our growing community, it was inevitable to include a social event in the camp’s agenda. Sunday barbecue was a good moment to chill out after an exhausting day, exchange opinions and reflect on the training.


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